Gayle S. Slossberg

State Senator
14th District: Milford, Orange, West Haven, Woodbridge
Social media
Education (co-chair); Human Services (vice chair); Appropriations; General Law
Previous Positions
Milford Board of Aldermen, Connecticut Energy Advisory Board
B.S., Cornell University; J.D., New York University
Public Financing
Gayle Slossberg, a Democrat, occupies a seat previously held by two of the most conservative members of the Senate. That has not kept her from supporting same-sex marriage and requiring hospitals to provide emergency contraceptives to rape victims, while also showing a conservative bent on fiscal and some other issues. Her potential as a swing vote on the budget will be closely watched in 2017 in an evenly divided Senate.

Slossberg broke with Democratic Senate leaders in June 2009 over their proposed alternative to Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell's budget and again in 2011, when she voted against Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's first budget, which imposed a $1.5 billion tax increase. She opposed the passage of two other laws favored by Malloy: the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana and the legalization of the production and sale of marijuana for limited medical uses.

She voted for minimum-wage increases, but not the first-in-the-nation law mandating that certain private employers offer paid sick days. She backed efforts to restrict junk food in schools and the use of trans fats.

While co-chair of the Government Administration and Elections Committee, Slossberg played a role in preserving the state's Citizens' Election Program, which provides public financing for campaigns, in the face of a court's ruling that it must be made fairer to minor parties or scrapped.

Slossberg lives in Milford with her husband, David, a partner in the law firm of Hurwitz, Sagarin, Slossberg, Knuff. They have three children.
Election history
Slossberg was elected in 2004 with 52 percent of the vote, unseating Republican Win Smith Jr.
Most recent election
Gayle Slossberg D 24413
Gayle Slossberg I 2136
Pat Libero R 20836
Financial disclosure
In a Statement of Financial Interest filed in 2014, Slossberg reported no wages outside her legislative salary. Securities investments by Slossberg or her husband included Breitburn Energy Partners, AT&T, Frontier Communications, ConocoPhillips, Xerox and Travel Centers of America.
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