Michael McLachlan

State Senator
24th District: Bethel, Danbury, New Fairfield, Sherman
Social media
Government Administration and Elections (ranking member); Finance, Revenue and Bonding; Judiciary
Previous Positions
Danbury Housing Partnership, Danbury Republican town chairman
Western Connecticut State University
Commercial real estate broker
Public Financing
Mike McLachlan, a Republican ,voted with the rest of the Senate GOP minority against Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's first-year budget, which raised taxes by $1.5 billion. He also voted against the repeal of the death penalty, increasing the minimum wage, mandating that certain private employers offer paid sick days, decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana, and legalizing the production and sale of medical marijuana for limited medical uses.

One of the most conservative members of the Senate, he nonetheless was one of six Republicans who voted with 20 Democrats to pass the post-Newtown gun control law in the upper chamber. “December 14 changed a lot of people’s viewpoints on a lot of things, on the preciousness of life, on the priority of our lives,” McLachlan said during the debate. “And it certainly affected me in a very great way.” One of the victims, 6-year-old Caroline Previdi, was the daughter and granddaughter of old friends, and he said that caused him to examine how the state could balance its obligation to maintain the rights of gun owners against a desire to enhance public safety.

In 2016, McLachlan was one of seven legislators among the Connecticut delegates to the Republican National Convention, all committed to Donald J. Trump. McLachlan said Trump was not his first choice, but he had no problem rallying behind the nominee, saying, "He's a winner."

McLachlan was the chief of staff for Mayor Mark Boughton of Danbury from 2001 until he took office in 2009. He is a former chairman of the Republican Town Committee in Danbury.

McLachlan lives in Danbury with his wife, Alesia.
Election history
McLachlan won an open seat in 2008, succeeding Republican David Cappiello.
Most recent election
Michael A McLachlan R 19496
Michael A McLachlan I 1005
Kenneth Gucker D 17622
Kenneth Gucker WF 1123
Financial disclosure
In a Statement of Financial Interest filed in 2014, McLachlan reported outside income from Hat City Real Estate. His wife had investments in three mutual funds.
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