Mitch Bolinsky

State Representative
106th District: Newtown
Social media
Aging (ranking member), Appropriations, Education
Previous Positions
Newtown Economic Development Commission, Newtown Board of Ethics, justice of the peace
B.B.A., University of Wisconsin
Marketing consultant and researcher
Public Financing
A month after Mitch Bolinsky's election, 26 children and staff were shot to death at the Sandy Hook elementary school in his hometown of Newtown, and Bolinsky's political life suddenly revolved around gun control. In April, Bolinsky voted for a bipartisan law that expanded background checks and banned the sale of large-capacity magazines and military-style weapons, such as the AR-15 rifle. He sided with gun-control advocates again in 2016, voting for a bill requiring gun owners to surrender their firearms within 24 hours of being served with a temporary restraining order in domestic violence cases. Bolinsky has been active in his hometown of Newtown for many years, serving in a wide variety of capacities.

Bolinsky won what had been a Democratic seat by just 45 votes in 2012, barely defeating Democratic candidate Lisa Romano. He was re-elected comfortably in 2014 and 2016.

He lives in Newtown with his wife, Luisa Fritz-Bolinsky, and their two children.
Election history
Bolinsky won an open seat in 2012, succeeding Democrat Christopher Lyddy.
Most recent election
Mitch Bolinsky R 6871
Mitch Bolinsky I 314
Eva B Zimmerman D 4918
Eva B Zimmerman WF 405
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