Paul Doyle

State Senator
9th District: Cromwell, Middletown, Newington, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield
Social media
Judiciary (co-chair); Regulation Review (co-chair); Energy and Technology (vice chair); Executive & Legislative Nominations; Legislative Management
Previous Positions
Wethersfield Town Council, House of Representatives
B.A., Colby College; J.D., University of Connecticut
Attorney and partner, Heneghan, Kennedy & Doyle
Public Financing
Paul Doyle, a Democrat, is a moderate who occasionally breaks with the Democratic majority on fiscal, business and social issues — a trait that loomed large in 2017 with an evenly divided Senate. He was one of five Senate Democrats to vote against the Democratic budget in June 2009, but he voted in 2011 for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's first budget, which included a $1.5 billion tax increase. He was the only Senate Democrat to vote in 2011 against a law providing in-state tuition to residents regardless of their immigration status.

Doyle broke with the governor in 2011 to vote against bills that made Connecticut the first state to mandate that certain private employers offer paid sick days, decriminalized small amounts of marijuana and outlawed discrimination against transgendered persons. A year later, he voted against repeal of the death penalty and a bill that legalized the production and sale of marijuana for limited medical uses.

As co-chair of the General Law Committee in 2012, Doyle helped give Malloy a partial victory, bowing to the governor's call for Sunday liquor sales but blocking his effort to repeal controls on price and competition in the retail alcohol industry.

Doyle began a new assignments in 2017, becoming co-chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Doyle lives in Wethersfield with his wife, Diana.
Election history
Doyle won an open Senate seat in 2006, succeeding Democrat Biagio Ciotto. He also was elected to six terms in the House, beginning in 1994.
Most recent election
Paul Doyle D 29684
Earle V Roberts R 17213
Financial disclosure
In a Statement of Financial Interest filed in 2014, Doyle reported outside income from his law firm. His wife was employed by the City of Middletown.
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