Toni E. Walker

State Representative
93rd District: New Haven
Social media
Appropriations (co-chair), Higher Education and Employment Advancement, Judiciary
B.A., Southern Connecticut State University; M.S.W., Fordham University
Grant coordinator, New Haven Board of Education
Public Financing
Toni Walker, a Democrat, is a social worker by training and a community activist by inclination who had the misfortune to win a seat at the budget-making table in an era of fiscal challenge. After a stint as the co-chair of the Human Services Committee, Walker took over as co-chair of the Appropriations Committee in January 2011 on the same day Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy took office facing a $3.6 billion budget shortfall.

Walker made a late entry into the race for House majority leader in 2016, only to find that Matt Ritter of Hartford already had the commitments to win. With the backing of Ritter and the new speaker, Joe Aresimowicz of Berlin, Walker agreed to oversee budget preparations again in 2017. With the backing of New Haven's muscular Democratic organization, Walker could get a serious look at the state convention in 2018 if she makes a play for a spot on the statewide ticket.

She backed the governor's tax increase and budget, but there's been tension in her relationship with an administration under pressure to cut costs, while she represents an urban district with deep needs. But in Malloy's first term, Walker shared much of his overall agenda: She voted to repeal the death penalty, decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, pass a post-Newtown gun-control law, legalize medical cannabis, raise the minimum wage, and impose a mandate requiring private employers to offer paid sick days.

Walker lives in New Haven with her husband, Donald. She has a daughter and a stepdaughter.
Election history
Walker was elected in a special selection after the death of Democrat Howard C. Scipio in 2001.
Most recent election
Toni E. Walker D 6159
Douglas Losty R 351
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